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Kootenay Radio Bylaws

Read the full bylaws here.

Summary by Olivia Henry, March 2021

Organization description

Kootenay Radio is a member-owned and -operated radio station in British Columbia. There are several staff members and more than 100 volunteers.

Types of members

Member of the association: Anyone over the age of 16 may apply to the board of directors. If accepted, they pay for one membership share.

Board of directors


  1. 6 Canadian Directors: These directors must be Canadian citizens.
  2. 1 open Director: These directors can be of any nationality.

Other governance issues

  • Officers: President and vice president are selected from among the seven-member board, but the positions of manager, secretary, and treasurer can be selected from outside of the board. People serving in these positions must be Canadian citizens.
  • Committees can be formed by the directors from their own ranks or from the membership.
  • Board decisions are ideally made by consensus. If directors cannot reach consensus, a ¾ vote is required.



  1. Quorum at a member meeting requires ¼ of the total membership or 25 members, whichever is less.


  1. Surplus is reinvested in the association.
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