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WORT Bylaws

Read the full bylaws here.

Summary by Olivia Henry, March 2021

Organization description:

WORT, also known as Back Porch Broadcasting Inc., is a nonprofit radio station in broadcasting in South-Central Wisconsin.

Types of members:

  1. Staff member: This type of member can be a full-time, part-time, or temporary employee.
  2. Participating member: These members have fulfilled a volunteer requirement or have petitioned the board to demonstrate commitment to the station.
  3. Listener-Sponsor (non-voting): People who have made an annual listener-sponsorship level contribution to the organization.

Board of Directors


  • 1 full-time staff member: Only members of the staff collective can elect this position. This director cannot serve as a board officer. Part time and temporary staff members cannot hold this position. The stated rationale is that it would be a conflict for part time and temporary staff to have some oversight over supervising, full-time staff members.
  • 6 participating members: All voting members can elect this position. 4 listener-sponsor members: All voting members can elect this position.

Other board governance issues

  • Members may vote only on directors, proposed amendments to the bylaws, and any other noted items.
  • Permanent committees (executive, finance and personnel) restricted to directors.
  • Standing committees and work groups are not restricted to directors.
  • Community Advisory Board in compliance with the Communications Act of 1934.



A quorum for meetings and votes is a majority of registered members.


There is no profit-sharing with members and board members are not compensated.

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