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Oct. 19, 2021

Hello everyone, this is Olivia Henry! This is the first newsletter I'm sending out to people interested in conversations about community- and worker-ownership of newsrooms. I promise to keep it short and focused on links.

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It was heartbreaking to read that The Devil Strip's board laid off all of its employees Monday citing a lack of funds.

Scholar Rafael Grohmann interviewed Sludge Co-founder David Moore about The Brick House Cooperative, of which Sludge is a member.

Carla Murphy is inviting journalists of color to share their work experiences in a survey.

Mark Glaser wrote about creative ownership structures — including cooperatives — for the The Knight Commission on Trust, Media and Democracy.

The Appeal announced it has formed a new worker-led nonprofit after the newsroom's project sponsor shut down the publication back in June.

Worker-owned blog Defector Media celebrated its first anniversary in September.

Several staff members of Current Affairs said they were fired in August for seeking to convert the magazine into a worker cooperative.


The Sustainable Economies Law Center hosted a panel conversation in September about different approaches to democratic governance. Also check out their session on the law center's salary calculator “that takes into account a staffer’s location, dependents, and socioeconomic background.”

The deadline to apply for's accelerator is Nov. 7. Kevon Paynter of Bloc by Block News, a multi-stakeholder news cooperative in Maryland, was part of last year's cohort.

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