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News Co-op Study Group Newsletter

Jan. 11, 2022

Hello everyone, this is Olivia Henry! This is the second newsletter I'm sending out to people interested in conversations about community- and worker-ownership of newsrooms. I promise to keep it short and focused on links.

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The remaining board members of community-owned newspaper The Devil Strip have resigned. Here's their letter explaining their decision, and here's a news report from WKSU. The board members wrote that the bylaws' ambitious quorum and voting thresholds for full-member votes inhibited action at the end.

KweliTV, a streaming service of Black stories from around the world, is holding an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 million. Equity crowdfunding helps private companies raise capital from friends and supporters — as opposed to banks or VCs — on their own terms. Media organizations such as tech blog Hacker Noon, local news site Berkeleyside and television show The Chosen have all raised capital using similar tools. Read more about the campaign from KweliTV Founder and CEO DeShuna Elisa Spencer.

Bloc by Block CEO Kevon Paynter spoke about community-owned news during a Nonprofit Quarterly webinar in November. Bloc by Block, a multi-stakeholder cooperative news organization serving Maryland, was also recently identified as one of the organizations leading journalism's “great transition.”

Thanks for reading!

Take care, Olivia

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