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Hello everyone, this is Olivia Henry! This is the fourth newsletter I'm sending out to people interested in conversations about community and worker ownership of newsrooms. I promise to keep it short and focused on links.

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Hell Gate, a worker-owned newsroom covering New York City, launched today. From their announcement: “We are building on a movement of worker-owned news outlets like Defector Media, Discourse Blog, Racket, or the Colorado Sun.”

Happy second birthday to worker-owned newsroom RANGE! Editor Luke Baumgarten and Audience and Membership Editor Valerie Osier celebrate the occasion on their most recent podcast episode. Start listening at minute 40:31 to hear their plans for the future, what it means to be a cooperative and their hopes for a distributed leadership model.

Nieman Lab published an update on Coopérative nationale de l’information indépendante, a group of six French-language newspapers in Quebec that converted to a multi-stakeholder cooperative in 2019 after its previous owners filed for bankruptcy.

Brick House Cooperative member Popula reviewed the Oscar-nominated documentary Writing with Fire. The film follows the journalists of Khabar Lahariya, a newspaper that's written and operated by women journalists in rural India. Learn more about the paper's cooperative character from this May 2021 panel presentation by Khabar Lahariya's Head of Strategy Pooja Pande.

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