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 +Hello everyone, this is Olivia Henry! This is the fourth newsletter I'm sending out to people interested in conversations about community and worker ownership of newsrooms. I promise to keep it short and focused on links.
 +  * Check out previous issues [[:newsletters?link_id=0&can_id=f6e832b7bbbc4036345bf38fa5df78d6&source=email-cooperative-news-updates-3-2&email_referrer=&email_subject=_-cooperative-news-updates-4|here]].
 +  * Please encourage others to [[|subscribe]].
 +  * Please [[|share]] links or ideas!
 +[[|Hell Gate]], a worker-owned newsroom covering New York City, launched today. From their [[|announcement]]: "We are building on a movement of worker-owned news outlets like Defector Media, Discourse Blog, Racket, or the Colorado Sun."
 +Happy second birthday to worker-owned newsroom [[|RANGE]]! Editor Luke Baumgarten and Audience and Membership Editor Valerie Osier celebrate the occasion on their most recent [[|podcast episode]]. Start listening at minute 40:31 to hear their plans for the future, what it means to be a cooperative and their hopes for a distributed leadership model.
 +Nieman Lab [[|published]] an update on [[|Coopérative nationale de l’information indépendante]], a group of six French-language newspapers in Quebec that converted to a multi-stakeholder cooperative in 2019 after its previous owners filed for bankruptcy.
 +Brick House Cooperative member Popula [[|reviewed]] the Oscar-nominated documentary [[|Writing with Fire]]. The film follows the journalists of [[|Khabar Lahariya]], a newspaper that's written and operated by women journalists in rural India. Learn more about the paper's cooperative character from this May 2021 [[|panel presentation]] by Khabar Lahariya's Head of Strategy Pooja Pande.
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