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Governance documents of news and media cooperatives

Collected by Olivia Henry with the support of the Sustainable Economies Law Center

This is a collection of bylaws and governance documents of news and media organizations that have some degree of member ownership and/or governance. I hope this serves as a resource for people exploring what democratic ownership and governance might look like in their workplace or community. Each example is different, so be sure to pay attention to:

  • Who gets to be a member of the cooperative
  • Who sits on the board and how they’re elected
  • What rights and responsibilities belong to members not on the board
  • Who gets dividends and how much

All the summaries below are based on the documents available. Please let me know if any of these documents are out of date, the descriptions contain errors or if you want to add your bylaws to the collection.

Ampled (Music platform)

CoastAlaska (Association of radio stations)

Defector Media (Digial news outlet)

The Devil Strip (Print and online newspaper)

Dominion Newspaper Cooperative (Print and digital newspaper)

Kootenary Radio (Radio station)

WORT (Radio station)

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