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Organization description

The Devil Strip is an online and print news outlet in Akron, Ohio.

Types of membership

Vested Member: A member who has paid the required $330 share.

Developing Member: Someone who is still working toward paying the $330 share. They have voting rights but cannot receive distributions.

Working Assembly Member: The board may approve someone who has not purchased a $330 share for vested membership based on their contributions as a writer, photographer, illustrator, driver or other activity.

Board of Directors


There are nine board seats, but the number may be increased to 11. Directors must be:


✔️At least 18 years old

✔️Residents of Summit County, Ohio

Three seats are reserved for:

✔️Small Business Owner

✔️Working artist

✔️Working Assembly Representative

A selection committee appointed by the board receives and vets nominations, then presents a slate of candidates for a membership vote.


A majority of members must approve profit distributions to members, debts over $60,000, membership requirements, and expenses over $25,000.

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