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Defector Media

Read the contractual voting rights and governance document here.

Summary by Olivia Henry, March 2021

Organization description

Defector Media is an New York LLC wholly-owned by a Delaware corporation.

Types of membership

  • Active employees are voting members.
  • Certain decisions — including selling the company or dissolving it — requires a vote of the supermajority holders.

Board of directors


  • Publisher
  • Vice President of revenue & operations (COO)
  • Editor in chief
  • Staff member who is an editor
  • Staff member who is a writer


  • Directors are elected by a supermajority employee vote.
  • Staff directors have one-year terms.
  • It takes a supermajority employee vote to hire or remove the publisher, COO and/or editor-in-chief.
  • The publisher, COO and editor-in-chief are directors as long as they hold those jobs (ex officio directors).


  • The Board of Directors manage the day-to-day operations of the Company.


  • Standing committees can make decisions about certain business and operations issues, while editorial decision-making is carried out in a traditional newsroom hierarchy.
  • Committees seek to make decisions using active solidarity, or when “everyone is ‘okay’ with the decisions even if it is not their first choice.”
  • There are also temporary committees and advice circles.
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