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Ampled bylaws

Read the full bylaws here.

Summary by Olivia Henry, March 2021

Organization description

Ampled is a worker and musician platform cooperative incorporated as a LLC in New York.

Types of members

  1. Artist-Owners: These members have artist pages with 10 or more supporters.
  2. Worker-Owners: These members have contributed to Ampled for a minimum of three hours a month for six months or 80 hours, whichever comes first. Their membership must be approved by ⅔ of the worker-owners.
  3. Community members: These members support Ampled at $3 per month or more and have committed to the charter in the bylaws.

Board of Directors


  1. 3 community member seats, elected by community members
  2. 3 artist-owner seats, elected by artist-owners
  3. 3 worker-owners seats, elected by worker-owners

More on governance

  1. Members self-nominate for the board of directors, and are elected by rank-choice voting.
  2. The board also organizes at least one owner meeting per year.



  1. A quorum for meetings and votes is 5% of Owners or 5 Owners, whichever is larger.



  1. Worker compensation shall not exceed 3.5 times the median per capita wage for all occupations in the New York City Metropolitan area.
  2. Salaries of leadership may be no more than 3 times the average employee’s compensation.


  • 85% of available surplus determined by the board is distributed to artist-owners based on the amount of support they receive through Ampled.
  • 15% of available surpluses are distributed to worker-owners based on a board decision, considering hours and the value of contribution.
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